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Academic Research

A collection of lecture notes on structure of a research report, referencing styles, data analysis, questionnaire development …

The Call eAcademy
A project to enhance online learning where the learner can have control over What, When, Where and How he learns… 

The Muslim Family Life
A collection of discussions, rulings, opinions by contemporary Muslim jurists in an effort to explain the Muslim family life… 

Islamic Finance

According to a 2017 Reuters report, sharia-compliant assets are expected to grow to $3.5 trillion by 2021….

West African Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 

WAJHASS focuses on providing a proving ground for practical and theoretical ideas, and to document emerging scientific knowledge in the sub-region.


The solution of a variety of complex linear systems in real-world problems arise frequently in such areas as chemistry, traffic systems, electronics, electricity, marketing, accounting, finance, heat conduction, molecular diffusion, fluid mechanics, data regression…Read more

A Framework for Future Economics – The COVID-19 crisis shows clearly why healthcare is an essential “public good,” not only for individuals but for the economy as a whole – either all members are safe and healthy, or else they are at a great risk of infection….Read more

Computer Solution of Linear Systems is a ‘how to do it’ tutorial on how to compute complex liner systems in real-world problems and also do a large amount of computations within a small space of time and memory with greater accuracy….Read more

 The benefits of papaya seeds include combating cancerous cells; promoting healthy eyes, cardiovascular health, digestion; strengthening the bones; protecting the liver; and boosting the immune system…Read more

Disability doesn’t mean disadvantage. And Farida Nana Efua Bedwei, one of the most powerful women in financial technology on the continent, is proof of that. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one…Read more

Shaikh Sulaiman, founder of the largest Islamic bank in the world chose to become penniless at his own will after transferring all his assets among his children and setting aside US$6 billion to fight poverty…Read more